I am presently accepting graduate students at the University of Iowa seeking mentoring in Second Temple Judaism, including archaeology (from the Persian period through the Roman period) and literature (including canonical Hebrew Bible and non-canonical Hebrew texts, including the Dead Sea Scrolls and Aramaic Targums, and Christian canonical and non-canonical literature).

Dr. Cargill teaches/has taught the following courses at Iowa:

RELS:1001 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
RELS:1015 Global Religious Conflict and Diversity
RELS:4960 Digital Archaeological Modeling
CLSA:1400 Biblical Archaeology

CLSA:2444 Cities of the Bible

CLSA:2489 Jerusalem, The Holy City
CLSA:3247 Banned from the Bible: Intro to Biblical Pseudepigrapha and Apocrypha
CLSA:3445 Mythology of Otherworldly Journeys
CLSA:3742 Word Power: Building English Vocabulary
CLSA:4090 Readings in Dead Sea Scrolls
CLSA:4501 Archaeological Methodology and Field Research
CLSA:4502 Archaeology and History of Judea

CLSA:4901 Biblical Hebrew I
CLSA:4902 Biblical Hebrew II
CLSA:4452 Dead Sea Scrolls
CLSA:5903 Biblical Aramaic
CLSA:5904 Targumic Aramaic
CLSA:6585 Design, Visualization, and Mapping 3D Environments
CLSG:2002 Second-Year Greek II
CLSG:5002 Graduate Seminar: Hellenistic Greek: Josephus

CLSG:5002 Graduate Seminar: Hellenistic Greek: Septuagint

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